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Jakub Kopkiewicz


PHP Developer

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Just saying Hello...

Quality first fullstack dev at your service.

I’ve been in the industry since 2015, and since 2018, I’ve been working full-time as a full-stack developer with a strong focus on PHP and JavaScript. My go-to frameworks are Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii, and Vue.js – they’re the building blocks of my digital universe. 🚀


During my free time, I’m busy honing my skills in Python, particularly in the realm of AI solutions. Off the clock, you can often find me cranking out heavy metal tunes on electric guitar, rocking out at concerts, or hitting the open road on my motorcycle. 🤘

The mental analysis

Delivering Quality with a Human Touch

In programming, what I love the most is crafting solutions to specific problems. I’m fascinated by the opportunity to provide multiple solutions, each with its own pros and cons.

Moreover, the thrill of learning something new every day that I can later apply to other solutions excites me.I’m definitely committed to enhancing my technical skills to boost my efficiency at work and to maintain an appealing portfolio of my abilities in the job market.


Skills & Experience

  • Backend
    • PHP 5.4 - 8.x
    • Laravel ver. 8 - 10
      • Livewire
      • PHP Filament
      • NOVA
      • Sanctum
    • Codeigniter ver 3 - 4
    • Yii 2.0
    • MySql
    • PostgreSQL
    • Of course my solutions are based on SOLID principles and, if it's needed, on Design Patterns. I'm trying to not reinventing a wheel 😉


    • Python 3
    • Django 4
  • Frontend
    • Javascript
    • Vue.js
    • Angular (basics)


    • BEM Methodology
    • Bootstrap 3/4/5
    • Tailwind.css


  • API Integrations
    • Stripe API
    • Royal Mail Click'n'Drop
    • PayU
    • DPD Tracking


  • Aditional Skills
    • I don't fear Linux Console 🙂
    • Docker
    • Ansible
    • Bash Scripting
    • Knowledge of Digital Ocean cloud solution


  • Languages
    • English (B2)
    • Spanish (B1)
    • Chinese (A2)
    • Polish (Native)

Webcrafters sp z o.o.

2023 - Present

PHP Developer

I worked on a REST API project for a charitable foundation marketplace application in the UK. I closely collaborated with the team responsible for creating the iOS application. My responsibilities included implementing new endpoints and integrating Stripe payments.

Technologies: PHP 8.1 / Laravel 10

WeUpCode sp z o.o.


Mid PHP Developer

I had the opportunity to work for an international company headquartered
in Poland, where I was responsible for developing company and employee
registers. These solutions closely resembled systems like Companies
House and HMRC, tailored specifically for the UAE government. The
project was built using Laravel and demanded achieving a 100% unit test
coverage, along with a solid understanding of SOLID principles and
Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodologies.

Librus sp z o.o.


Backend PHP Developer

I had the privilege of working for a prominent educational company in my home country, where I played a pivotal role in developing a SaaS product for a school located in Poland. My responsibilities primarily encompassed code reviews, implementing new features, bug fixing, and more. The project was written in Vanilla PHP and constituted a crucial component within a larger application package built on microservices architecture. During this project, I gained extensive experience working with legacy code and outdated technologies.

Goldi Investment LTD


PHP Developer

While at this company, I held the responsibility of delivering a Customer Verification System for Loan Services. The primary objective was to seamlessly integrate with third-party debtors' databases, perform automated credit checks, and ultimately present a personalized loan offer to the customer. The project was developed using Laravel for the backend and featured a Bootstrap3 frontend.

Silvercoders Sp z o.o.


Junior Fullstack Developer

At this company, I gained my initial experience as a full-time developer. I worked on a project
related to electronic document management for small and medium-sized enterprises. The
project was initially written in PHP 5.4 and later migrated to PHP 7.1. It comprised a portion built
on the Codeigniter 3 framework, while the rest was developed in vanilla PHP. On the frontend
side, I utilized JavaScript and jQuery, along with static HTML and CSS templates.


Aditional Projects

This application is designed to streamline the management of billboards rented by the agency, organize payments, invoices, and the client database.

  • Laravel 9 + NOVA
  • Integration with PayU Services

The application aims to streamline communication between administrators and plot users

  • Mobile App – Vue.js + Apache Cordova
  • Backend – Laravel 10 + Filament PHP

In this application, it was necessary to implement a system that integrates with the LMS panel and, based on completed course data, provides learners with the ability to preview and export a PDF certificate of course completion.

  • Codeigniter 4
  • Bootstrap 4 for admin panel
  • Custom Vue.js Frontend for students.


Do you have questions?

  • Are you open for work?

    I already have a new position as PHP developer, but I'm open for new opportunities, especially abroad (remotely, or by relocation depending on offer)

  • Do you prefer B2B or Contract?

    B2B Only for polish companies. 
    Contract for other countries 😉

  • What is your sallary range?

    "Quality is not cheap" 🙂 But I'm open for negotiations.

  • Are you willing to relocate?

    Yes, but I prefer full time remote work.

  • Anything important to add?

    In considering prospective roles, my foremost priority is to secure a position that offers long-term stability. While I am committed to contributing 110% of my skills, energy, and loyalty, it is essential for me to be assured that the company is well-established and has a strong foundation, ensuring the continuity of projects and operations. Compensation and benefits, although important, are not my primary focus.

    Teamwork, environment, projects, and people are what create my feelings of belonging within a company

    Feel free to reach out if my profile aligns with any suitable openings within your organization. I am enthusiastic about the possibility of contributing to a team dedicated to innovation and growth.

  • Do you have Github?

    Unfortunatelly no, due to deadlines, full time projects and NDA 🙁
    I'm open for recruitment tasks.

  • What motorcycle do you ride? 😀

    Yamaha Xj600 1999 🙂
    But dreamin about Honda Rebel 1000 🙂


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